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Protect Your Rights: Find Out What You Need to do When Involved in A SEPTA Accident 

Many victims of SEPTA bus accidents miss out on compensation that they are owed because they did not know what to do to protect their rights.
Fill out the form and you will receive an email with exact instructions on what to do in the unfortunate event you are in a SEPTA bus accident or a SEPTA train acciden or SEPTA trolley accident.  These are simple instructions but not knowing them could result in you missing out on compensation you would otherwise be entitled to.

 SEPTA and Your Safety

SEPTA is responsible for providing citizens with safe transportation.  When someone is injured in a SEPTA accident that person can wind up with significant injuries that can ruin their lives and the lives of their family members.  For this reason it is very important for all SEPTA riders to know and understand what to do in the event of an accident.  No matter whether you ride SEPTA buses, SEPTA trolleys, SEPTA regional rail or SEPTA customized community transportation (CCT Connect) the basice guidlines to help ensure you don't jeopordize your rights in the unfortunate event of an accident with or while riding a SEPTA transit vehicle are the same.

What Is SEPTA?

SEPTA stands for South Eastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority.  It is responsible for providing public transportation for the Philadelphia Metro Area that also includes some counties in New Jersey and Delaware.

SEPTA was created by a state charter in 1963 and receives large government subsidies to provide bus, regional rail, trolley and special transportation services.

SEPTA is the 6th largest public transportation system in the United States and makes over 300 million trips annually. 

Where are SEPTA Headquarters?

SEPTA has a 15-member Board of Directors and has its headquarters at 1234 Market Street in Philadelphia, PA.   SEPTA's operations are managed by the General Manager and there are nine department heads that help him out.


Important SEPTA Links

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This link takes you to a page with SEPTA alerts and advisory information.  Very important if you ride SEPTA frequently to find out about any delays or problems that SEPTA may be experiencing.  SEPTA Advisory Link


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